This print is called a Collagraph and is created from taking a print from real leaves. I have it in a variety of colours, with a couple of originals left for sale. Digital prints are also available, and I have them as gift cards as well for sale.

I have just finished this piece for the Great Southern Art Award displayed here in Albany from 13 April to 3 June 2017. Its called 'Not a Wallflower' and is ultimately a message to all mothers out there to keep their voice, not become a wallflower, and find ways to still be seen and heard. It is inspired by my own mother's life. Each flower is a piece of her poetry (she is an awarded writer), and has printing from an Indian fabric woodblock in the background. It resembles a sheet of wallpaper and the flowers are actually called 'wallflowers'. I think many will relate to the wording, which covers topics of love, family, birth and death. It is framed at 60mm x 90mm and is for sale.

Original print

Linocut print in digital print or canvas print

Here is one of the books I have published. It is a collection of poems and stories by Jo Robertson. It has 11 linocut prints that are available in original or printed form.
​I produced a limited edition of this book and they have all sold out, however we might print it agaon. In the meantime the prints from inside it have sold and been used on a regular basis.
Original print

Linocut print in digital print or canvas print

Your home, your office and you gifts should reflect your personality and your love of life. 
What better way than to hang and give original art works. With Merry Robertson's range of
original wall art you have choices of styles, sizes and mediums.

Merry produces:- Linocut prints, collagraphs, drawings of people and pets (from photos),
Book illustrations, and Branding and logo concepts.

If you would like an original art work produced exclusively for you or your business, just send
an enquiry. You can also purchase existing artworks as digital prints on archieval paper,
or as canvas prints. What a wonderful gift - for you or a loved one!
For more examples go to our main website at www.jumpmarketing.com.au

Illustration birds pencil drawing

Coloured pencil drawing

Creating original art works in coloured pencil allows great detail to be captured. This print is available as a digital print, best suited to paper.
Customised drawing of pet dog

Fine drawing of pet with poetry

A drawing of your pet is totally unique! Provide a good photo image, perhaps a piece of peotry or dedication and Merry can produce a supurb original art work.
Illustration branding logo design

Original illustration for calendar art work

With a background as a Graphic Designer, Merry produces commercial illustrations by hand. This one has been done in gouache paint. Merry produces original branding and logo design too.

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